10 Sci-Fi Movies That Are Absolutely Infested With Insects!

Bugs, revered by the general population as vile and somewhat frightening, encompass the perfect characteristics to star in the movies of our nightmares. Since the early fifties, directors of science fiction movies have been coming up with new and terrifying ways that insects can horrify and entertain us. Here are ten science fiction movies that are absolutely infested with insects:

And the movies are…
1. Men In Black (1997)


The only thing better than the skin-wearing, sugar-loving race of giant, alien cockroaches attempting to steal the galaxy during this movie, is the sick track that star Will Smith dropped during the credits.

Relive that glorious mix-tape moment from 1997:

Men In Black Music Video, Will Smith (director copy) from Caruso Company on Vimeo.

2. The Fly (1986)

A few years before he was as the naysayer in Jurassic Park, Jeff Goldblum starred in a lovely little film called The Fly in which a haughty scientist gets more than he bargained for when a science experiment goes awry (surprise, surprise). There’s lots of fun images in this film– Goldblum’s body parts simply falling off at random intervals, him vomiting digestive juices all over his food, just to name a few.

All of the stills from the movie are actually horrifying, so I sincerely apologize in advance:


Told you.

3. Eight Legged Freaks (2002)


This science fiction/comedy employs an age old archetype of the genre: a toxic spill. A lot going on here: giant spiders, alien enthusiasts, and townspeople taking shelter in the local mall to defend against the eight legged invaders. Oh, by the way, David Arquette and Scarlet Johansson star in it, so that’s cool.

4. Arachnophobia (1990)

Arachnophobia Movies

Doesn’t that shower look relaxing?! This is a still from Arachnophobia (starring Jeff Daniels and John Goodman), the story of a rogue spider who, aside from making cameos at bath time, created a new species of deadly spiders. The spiders in turn make it their business to wreak havoc on the local townsfolk, killing them off one-by-one.

Still from Arachnophobia movies

Same Jeff Daniels, same…

5. Them! (1954)

Still from Them! Movies

Based on the photo above, I’m sure that you don’t find it hard to believe that our next film, Them! was nominated for an Oscar in the category for “Best Special Effects.” It was the first “big bug” feature film and presented an entirely new genre for its time, paving the way for many of the other films on our list.

6. MIMIC (1997)

Still from Mimic Movies

Well, well, well…here we are again with a science experiment that got a little out of hand. Bred as a solution to a cockroach problem that was plaguing a city. Any guesses on what happens next? The insect asset cannot be controlled and seeks vengeance on those who created it in the first place. Will they ever learn?

7. The Deadly Mantis (1957)

Still From Deadly Mantis Movies

As the second oldest film on our list, The Deadly Mantis
stems from a fiasco involving a volcano and some ice caps. Deadly mantis, who has been slumbering peacefully beneath the glaciers, is awakened and leaves devastation in its wake. Despite the world being on the brink of chaos, the characters of this film somehow find the time to participate in a pretty heavy love-story. Appropriate.

8. Naked Lunch

Still From Naked Lunch Movies

Naked Lunch is just all kinds of weird. Not only does this guy think he’s a private eye (which he isn’t) — due to a heavy does of hallucinogens, he also believes that he is assisted by two handlers (which he isn’t), and that they are giant bugs (which they aren’t). Lots going on here.

9. The Swarm (1978)

Still from The Swarm Movies

Ah, yes. You are not mistaken. That is Michael Caine starring in 1978’s The Swarm. Consistently making “Worst Movies Ever Made” lists and bearing a dismal half-star on Rotten Tomatoes, The Swarm follows a swarm of bees as they cause all kinds of chaos after attacking a military base. There are bombs and a flame thrower involved, so…there’s always that.

10. Spiderman

Still From Spiderman Movies

Some will argue that Spiderman belongs in the action genre rather than sci-fi, but to them I say “NAY.” A nerdy kid is bitten by a radioactive spider, in a lab where weird science-y things are happening, and is then mutated to shoot webs from his hands? Tell me again how that is not science fiction?

If you get nothing else from this movie, at least you got to see Toby Maguire act out one of the WORST emotional scenes in film history:

Crying Movies GIF

You’re welcome.

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