Meeky Mouse: Friend or Foe?

Meeky Mouse

Thought pest control was just about insects?! Think again. The topic of pest control has now (somehow) filtered its way into the rap music genre.

For those of you who aren’t privy to the “rap game,” allow me to explain:

Two rappers, The Game and Meek Mill, have made headlines this week because of a beef (definition: to have a grudge or start one with another person. Example: the poetic 50 cent line: Beef you don’t want none, so don’t start none) that began after a dispute over involvement in a robbery.

Apparently, Meek Mill:

Meeky Mouse

alleged that fellow artist, The Game:

Not Meeky Mouse

was involved in some tomfoolery in a nightclub, that resulted in nearly $300,000 worth of jewelry to go missing.


Because, generally people don’t like being accused of involvement in criminal activity, the Game was peeved to say the least.  He then lashed out in the most scathing way a rapper can…he dropped a DISS TRACK. And I bet you can guess what it was called (okay, maybe you can’t, but act surprised either way)…

The title of the track is PEST CONTROL (see, it all came full circle). In the track, The Game paints Meek Mill as a rodent called (I literally can’t get over this) MEEKY MOUSE.

Reaction to Meeky Mouse

Now, I don’t know what is better, the fact that he named the character “Meeky Mouse” or reading numerous news outlets trying to find a PC way to convey the barbed lyrics of the song.

You can find the lyrics: here.

We would type some of them out, but quite honestly we don’t know what half of them mean.

Accompanying the song, The Game also dropped a music video portraying “Meeky Mouse” and what a visual treat it is. As if more shade could not be thrown at this point, the video opens following a pest control technician responding to a call about a rodent. When he enters the home, Meek Mill’s song can be heard in the background right before the technician smashes the rat (Meeky Mouse) with a baseball bat.

And we all looked a little something like this…

Reaction to Meeky Mouse

But you might be asking…now what?! Is there hope for Meek Mill?! Is his reputation forever unclean?! Only time will tell.

I’m sure we will all be on the edges of our seats, impatiently waiting Meek’s rebuttal. But until that highly anticipated day arrives…

M-E-E, see you real soon! K-Y, why? Because we like you…


News Anchors Being Attacked By Bugs Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Week

News AncHors being attacked by bugs

This article is provided by: Lake Norman Pest Control

News Anchors. Most of the time they provide the mundane background noise to which you have your morning coffee or prepare your evening meal. Overly enthusiastic and packed full of terrible jokes, your local news program normally follows a strict script, down to the forced laughter and poorly timed puns, until….it doesn’t. One of the best qualities of the news is that, for our viewing pleasure: IT. IS. LIVE.

If you’re like me, getting most of my local and world news from the internet, you understand that (whether you admit it or not) a part of you watches live television news programs because you’re hoping that you’ll be lucky enough to bear witness to a mess up. Like a ballerina falling in front of a packed house, or the missed shot with seconds on the clock, we are hard wired to enjoy other people’s mild misfortune.

When news anchors start to stumble and fall, we are the spectators around the gladiator arena and we’re out for blood.

In the spirit of giving the people what they want, enjoy these:


  1. This poor girl can’t catch a break. I can’t tell if the locusts are confusing her hair with a nest or if we are actually witnessing one of the seven plagues.

2. Everyone likes to say that they would be brave in the face of adversity, until they aren’t. Not really sure how he’s ever going to face his club racquetball team after that shrill scream.

3. DISCLAIMER: Do not watch this at work, near an elderly person/children, in church, or pretty much anywhere that you don’t want to offend someone.

4. Laugh all you want, but this guy is literally all of us.

5. I actually found out that this is the SECOND time this poor woman has been assaulted by an insect on live TV and is now forced to drink DEET in her morning coffee. She has never been the same…


So, there you have it, your weekly indulgence of five people tripping on the sidewalk of life while we watch in silent amusement.

News Anchors


The Internet Is Freaking TF Out Over A Caterpillar Named “Chicken Nugget”


This article is provided by: Go-Forth Pest Control

A tumblr user by the name of oddity-txt captured the hearts and minds of the natives when he adopted a small caterpillar, that he found on his way to class, and named it “Chicken Nugget.”


But much to his alarm, poor Chicken Nugget, once a proud lime-green caterpillar, began to turn slightly dull in color.

Chicken Nugget

Oddity posted this photo with the caption, “Aaaa he’s turning a duller color… I hope he’s alright.”

Concerned for the well-being of his new caterpillar companion, he turned to the only place that can truly diagnose communicable diseases and bizarre ailments: the Internet. There, in all its wisdom, the Internet revealed that, “apparently Chicken Nugget is a Spicebush Swallowtail and they turn yellow before they pupate.

And the world breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Chicken Nugget

Completely yellow in color now, Oddity decided it was time to make Chicken Nugget comfortable for his big transformation. Gathering the finest of materials (a stick and some leaves) he made Chicken Nugget what one might mistake for “The Ritz Carlton” of caterpillar dwellings.

Chicken Nugget

The caterpillar ate, drank, and relaxed as he prepared himself for the big transformation and Oddity was there to capture it all.

Chicken Nugget

Even going as far as to, “put on some tunez for him so he can get into the metamorphazone.

Chicken Nugget

So he waited…

Chicken Nugget

And waited…

Chicken Nugget

And ten days went by…

When one day, upon returning home from school, Oddity found a beautiful black butterfly fluttering around his room…

Chicken Nugget

On the eleventh-day…Chicken Nugget rose and became Chicken Wing.

Hallelujer Chicken Nugget

But, as an adult now, it was time for Chicken Wing to pack his bags and start paying for his own cable…

Oddity made sure he was strong, prepared to brave the big new world, and released Chicken Wing into the wild.

GOODBYE CHICKEN WING. FLY FREE. FLY TRUE. THe internet will never forget you!

Entomologists Rally Behind A 7-Year Old After She Was Bullied For Loving Bugs

This article is provided by: Go-Forth Pest Control

Entomologists are taking no shit when it comes to 7-year old Sophia Spencer, a girl who was being bullied at school for her love of insects.

After moving to a new school in Ontario, Sophia became the subject of ridicule from her new classmates over her love of bugs. Her mother even reports that she was “dragged through the mud” by a group of children because of her insect hobby. One boy even asked to see one of Sophia’s bugs, and after she graciously obliged, he stomped on it and killed it.

Um, what?! Who are these children? We will steal ALL their bicycles!

I mean, come on, look at this adorable little chicken nugget:

Sophia Spencer

“A couple of months ago, Sophia had asked me if she could make a career out of bugs someday, and I told her of course,” Sophia’s mother revealed. Not wanting her daughter to be discouraged by the vile, bottom-feeding little children in her class, Mrs. Spencer wrote to the Entomological Society of Canada for help.

The members of the society sent out the following tweet and the response was overwhelming.

Tweet for Sophia

…which garnered immediate attention from the community of insect enthusiasts.

Tweet to SophiaTweet to SophiaTweet to SophiaTweet to Sophia


Her mother is nothing but overwhelmed with gratitude toward the scientists who went out of their way for her daughter, “There have been people working in Canada, the Amazon Rainforest, Venezuela, the UK, and USA reaching out to offer support, encouragement and offers to be her pen pal. I know she cannot even grasp the amount of support this has shown but I do and it has truly been a blessing.”

Sophia Spencer

This makes us happier than words can begin to describe!

Stay “weird” Sophia! The scientific community, and we, have your back!

(PS. We were serious about the bicycles, let us know girl…)