Reddit Pets ready for Halloween!

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We’re all counting the days until Halloween (or the parties this weekend), with costumes, candy, and general spooky revelry to look forward to. The only thing better than spooky revelry are spooky pet costumes.

Reddit users have been posting their pet Halloween costumes all week, so here are some in no particular order!

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Arguably that last one isn’t really a Halloween costume, but that doesn’t make it any less perfect. Know any pets getting dressed up this Halloween? Share pictures of them, or let us know which of these is your favorite in the comments (Personally I’m partial to President Doggo)

8 Pest Control Headlines Even We Couldn’t Believe


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I would like to think that the zoo officials were sitting around a table during their morning meeting, brainstorming on their lion dilemma, when the janitor walks in. They then turn and look at him and say, “hey Carl, do you still have that dog?



After further research, because we didn’t believe it at first, this is in fact a REAL thing. The geckos were apparently part of a Russian experiment where they sent fruit flies, mushrooms, and geckos into space. What’s even better is that the Russian’s are continually losing control of this satellite. As a result, when they intermittently do receive a signal from the satellite, they’ve mostly seen geckos…having sex. One small step…?



Just what exactly happened at that McDonald’s? I just hope that it involved a kangaroo running around, socking people in the face while Chicken McNuggets and french fries rained from the skies.



Belligerent squirrel? Do those two words even go together? I hope that the film crew of Cops was there and showed up to a drunken squirrel, throwing beer bottles and yelling derogatory remarks. Meanwhile, this poor helpless man is wailing in the corner, crying, “he only gets like this when he drinks! Don’t arrest him!



Just a poor Florida man, fighting the good fight.



I feel like if this happens to you, you deserved it. Plain and simple. I also love the background photo of the assailant, simply because he looks like if there were a speech bubble coming out of his mouth it would be saying, “Come at me, bro.



What? Why? This headline sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, “A horse walks into a liquor store…”



Is this headline even real?! Do wallabies know geometry? Is there something they’re not telling us?! Where did they get access to drugs? SO MANY QUESTIONS!


Meet Diego, The Superhero Swinger Of The Turtle Kingdom


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No, you didn’t read that title wrong. The turtle kingdom has literally been saved by divine the power of nymphomania. Well, the turtles of the Galapagos Islands anyway…

All at the hands of a true modern day Romeo (actual name: Diego), whose love for his fellow lady-turtles is being praised by animal conservationists everywhere.

Turtle Diego

You see, Diego is responsible for fathering over EIGHT HUNDRED offspring with various lady partners. This is truly significant because these turtles in years past, were nearly extinct. Fifty years ago (my man is OVER 100), Diego was one of a species consisting of only three males and twelve females.

This was such a threatening issue, researchers moved Diego from his cushy abode, at the San Diego Zoo, in hopes of encouraging breeding amongst these turtles. And boy did Diego deliver. Nearly 2,000 turtles have been released back into the wild since Diego’s arrival and  scientists speculate that Diego alone is responsible for nearly 40% of these.

The source of his appeal? No one is quite sure. But we are willing to bet that when lady turtles look at Diego, they must see something similar to this:


Whatever the reason, it’s working.

The lead Zookeeper of the San Diego Zoo praised Diego by commenting that his record was impressive, “Not just because he sired so many offspring, but he also created competition with rival males that previously showed no interest in the females. Quite possibly the greatest conservation success story for all turtle and tortoise species to date.”

When asked to comment on his own record, Diego (that sly devil), merely replied with this face…


KOWABUNGA DUDE! The Turtle Kingdom thanks you!