Pest Control – Calling An Expert Exterminator – Charlotte

Do you need pest control in Charlotte NC? Go-Forth Pest Control of Charlotte can help you exterminate pests like Roaches, Termites, Rodents, Ants, Mosquitoes, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Etc.

Do not mess with pests; they know places to hide in your place better than you do. The pests you fail to call the exterminator for today, could ramp up the severity of the damage tomorrow.
Previous survey show that majority of first time property owners have concerns over finding insects and pests lurking in their homes, farms, gardens and surroundings. Pests varying from stinging insects to mosquitoes, bed bugs rodents, spiders, roaches, termites, and ants in general either carry disease causing-micro organisms harmful to humans and animals, or attack foods, vegetables, or destroy properties – clothing, buildings, farms, livestock and crops. Surprising statistics about pest infestation show that:

  • Bed bugs make up for 95% of apartment and condominium treating by pest professionals.
  • The amount of food destroyed by rodents annually is enough to feed 200 million people.
  • Property damages by termites worth billions of dollars are recorded annually.
  • Rodents harbor and spread hundreds of human pathogens.

Pest Control and extermination ensures that the amount of destruction and irritation is reduced to a level where the hazard to individuals, properties and crops is limited. For farms and gardens, the use of chemicals in the control of pests should only be when there are no alternatives. These chemicals often work well but since they are designed to exterminate living things, they could cause serious health problems to humans and pets by contaminating the crops and plants to be ingested. Biological methods on the other hand farms and gardens involve the use of other living organisms to exterminate pests. There is no environmental contamination neither do the pests become resistant to the control methods.
For homes, the pest control methods to be used depend on the pests wrecking havoc. To get rid of ants, the best defense line is to remove crumbs, attractants and sticky spots. Roaches are exterminated by leaving use of Boric Acids (which should be kept away from children and pets), ensuring all the rooms are clean, getting rid of garbage and airing the cabinets regularly. Mosquitoes as well are primarily taken care of by sealing off entry points and use of mosquito repellents. Traps and poisons could be placed at cervices and dark areas for rodents.
Depending on the severity of the pest infestation, an exterminator is always the last resort called in to get rid of these unwanted guests in the home, farms and gardens. However, the exterminator will make every effort to successfully get rid of the pest problem, but if not done properly, the pests will return.