Brave Ben

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If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a Bull Elephant named Ben who is taking people’s hearts by storm. They say that elephants are one of the smartest animals among mammals, and Ben’s story shows to prove that point.



These are pictures of Ben as he showed up at Bumi Hills Safari Lodge in Kariba, Zimbabwe.  Ben approached with a Limp, indicating to the staff that there was something not quite right with the Bull Elephant. The vet of the lodge wasn’t currently in, so Ben patiently waited grazing on grass and drinking water.

The lodge called for a vet that had to be jetted in, which took a total of 6 hours. Once he arrived the tranquilized Ben and were able to properly assess what was going on with him.


The photo above is Ben’s ear, showing that the he had taken on gunfire from poachers. The vet found a bullet in Ben’s shoulder, which is what had been causing his limp. With the team aiding the vet, they successfully removed the bullet and helped Ben get back on his feet. The images of the bullet’s removal are a bit graphic, so if you’re interested in viewing more pictures of Ben’s surgery, you can see them here.


Above is Ben after everything was said and done. They released him once he had stabilized from the bullet’s removal, but also gave him a tracking device so that they could monitor him. This way if anything seems to be wrong with Ben, the lodge can jump into action and help Ben as soon as possible.

If you want to help, the lodge is currently asking for donations to help cover costs for monitoring and tending to Ben. You can donate here at #HelpBen

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