Christmas Pokemon GO!

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Pokemon Go blew up with it’s release in July, but has since died down quite a bit. Despite the hype quieting down, Niantic hasn’t! You may have heard of a few recent updates and events happening starting around October. Well, Christmas is around the corner and there has been no exceptions made for this holiday weekend!

The Event!


These are the two loading screens that replaced the standard Gyarados hazard intro when starting up Pokemon Go. For the first time in October, Niantic launched an event for Halloween, which did much more than update the loading screen. For Halloween we witnessed standard pokemon spawns swapped out for special event pokemon. Rather than encountering rattata or pidgey, you would see gastly, cubone, meowth, and drowzee! The rate of spawns increased, the distance for walking pokemon eggs significantly decreased, and XP and Candy was doubled in every instance you could receive it.

They did the same thing with minor differences for Thanksgiving, but without a cool new loading screen. But we’re here to talk about the current event: Christmas! As indicated by the image on the left, Niantic is currently doing a Christmas Pokemon Go event. The most notable part? Santachus:


Despite the recent news of 2nd Generation baby pokemon, pichu is not included in this exclusive santachu pokemon. For the entire event, pikachus in santa hats have replaced your standard pikachu spawn, and when they evolve into raichu they keep the hat! These are exclusive to the holiday event, so while it’s going on be sure to look out for these Christmas cuties!

Rumor has it that there will be more to come for the Christmas event, which you can thank dataminers for discovering. 6 Presents have been found, unused, presumed to be used for Christmas Eve, Day, or both. There has been no official announcement from Niantic about a Christmas event, so we will just have to sit and wait patiently to see what Santachu brings us for Christmas.

Reddit Pets ready for Halloween!

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We’re all counting the days until Halloween (or the parties this weekend), with costumes, candy, and general spooky revelry to look forward to. The only thing better than spooky revelry are spooky pet costumes.

Reddit users have been posting their pet Halloween costumes all week, so here are some in no particular order!

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Submitted on Reddit by user JDogg_of_RS
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Submitted on Reddit by user handofgranite


Arguably that last one isn’t really a Halloween costume, but that doesn’t make it any less perfect. Know any pets getting dressed up this Halloween? Share pictures of them, or let us know which of these is your favorite in the comments (Personally I’m partial to President Doggo)