Do you love Ice Cream more than this Squirrel?

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This cutie is named Putter, and she loves ice cream!

One day they saw Putter for the first time, and watched in amazement as she took to a customer’s ice cream cone! When the owners watched this, they decided to invest in their own ice cream cones to serve squirrel-sized ice cream to Putter.

About twice a day the couple only has to call Putter’s name, and she will come running down for her cone. Ensuring they don’t overload Putter, they give her sugar-free or vanilla ice cream.

Check out the scene yourself with this video:

Do you know any animals with a peculiar sweet tooth? Leave a comment below with your stories!

Papa Roach EATS a Roach!

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You’re probably reading the title like

But eating bugs is looking like a new trend that will become a major source of protein as populations increase in the next 20 to 50 years. It turns out bugs are really good for you!

Papa Roach took on a challenge to try bugs raw, and to try them in dishes. They were given two dishes where one had bugs while the other did not, and asked to guess which one did have the bugs. Check it out!

Bugs already make for major food sources in several eastern countries, and with time it’s very likely we will see them here in the United States. In certain places we have, like this ice cream truck with bugs for ice cream toppings, or using cricket flour for baking!

If you’re still not into it, just think back to when you watched Lion King and how delicious the grubs looked (seriously, how did Timon and Pumbaa make eating bugs look so tasty??)


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YES BEES! Scientists recently conducted a study on bee’s “cognitive flexibility” and “observed complex behavior”. Basically they wanted to see how well they could critically think and understand, as well as observe how they behaved in response. So they came up with a soccer experiment!

Here you can see exactly how they do this with a basic reward system. This type of experiment has been performed among several mammals to evaluate the same things: critical thinking and behavior. In this case they provide a pseudo bee to show other bees how to obtain the reward. You can see that the bees watch, experience, and learn from that bee and are capable of figuring out the reward system.

On top of this, they are able to teach other bees what they learn! This isn’t too surprising if you consider their waggle dance, a form of communication honey bees have to tell them where a new source of food is in relation to the sun. The excitement over this is really about being able to teach an unknown method to a bee, and watching those bees teach it to other bees, AND THEN seeing bees innovate better ways to obtain the reward.

Bees have been facing a rough time for a while now, so every bit of good news is exciting for these guys. If you’re interested in helping bees, the EPA has plenty of information on how the public can help. Check it out and help a bee today!


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There are so many types of bugs out there that we literally haven’t discovered them all. Every year we discover more and more bugs, and the amount of time it would take to find them all is immeasurable. While we may not be able to discover every bug hidden away on the planet, there are several we have found that you don’t EVER want to meet! They’re small, and some even look harmless, but encountering any of our intense top 5 bugs could mean serious damage.

#5 Giant Weta

Weta are the only peaceful bugs to make this list, but that doesn’t make them any less terrifying to find one. The only ones that even have big enough mandibles to be scary are the Tree Weta. Even those and other sub species of Weta are only interested in herbivore diet choices, especially carrots!

#4 Huntsman Spider

These spiders are completely different from what we consider the average spider to be like, as they don’t weave webs, and their bites lack toxic venom (though their bites can still REALLY hurt.) These guys are called Huntsman spiders for the fact that they actively hunt their prey, using their long legs to grab and hold what they find to bite it to death. The one above is on the smaller side of their average sizes, but you can find much MUCH bigger ones no problem. They’re only native in Australia at this time though, so you can easily avoid encounters by just not going to Australia.

#3 Asian Giant Hornet

This hornet in Japan is called the Japanese Giant Hornet or Yak-Killer hornet, and has several different sub species depending on where you’re visiting in Asia. Their stings have caused hundreds of injuries and deaths, leaving people hospitalized after encountering swarms. The hornet is the largest on the planet, and prefer habitats at the bottom of mountains or in forests of eastern Asian tropical climates. They’re known for hunting other bees and their hives for food, and at times resorting to cannibalism if nothing else can be found.

#2 Africanized Bee

Or also known as the Killer Bee, these bees have the kind of origin story that can only lead to disaster. Scientists in Europe decided to try cross breeding bees, and the result were the Killer Bees. They were meant to help increase honey production, but the scientists accidentally had a few escape from testing facilities. They’re extremely aggressive, and it does not take much to provoke a colony attack from them. An angered swarm has the potential to outright kill a person, and can follow you up to a quarter-mile to do so.

#1 Bullet Ant

Listen, the bullet ant is no joke with its sting. More recently, YouTube Star Coyote from Brace Wilderness subjected himself to a single sting and was in burning pain for 48 hours, despite it should only take 24. Other YouTube celebrities have visited this tribe to take on the same challenge, and most have completely crumbled under the first few seconds. Though in the wilderness, away from their nest foraging for food, bullet ants can be quite docile when encountered. These guys rank at #1 out of all bugs, as enduring one of their stings can be the worst sting you may ever encounter.

Insects: Political Scandal

This has been a hard year for America, choosing to make itself great again or deciding if it was already great to begin with. Sparks have ignited and tensions have been on edge more than ever before. In these abnormally stressed times, we ask ourselves the basic questions: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Well you may not suspect it, but it seems that our government may have been tainted in ways no one could of foreseen until now. Ladies, gentlemen, viewers, I present to you my findings:



Above we see Barack Obama innocently delivering speeches when suddenly he befalls victim to these flies. There are other documented instances of bugs harassing our President, but none have stood out more than in the two images above. Perhaps this isn’t enough to convince you of the 3rd party influence of these flies, so I urge you to continue below.


Yes, even Hillary Clinton has been visited by these fly conspirators. This was perhaps the most recent instance in which all of America reacted to. Twitter, Facebook, and all social media accounts busted out in uproar over the incident of a fly landing on a Presidential candidates face. If you think it’s only coincidence, again, you only need to continue reading.


While he was a presidential candidate during the time of this photo, it’s clear that the flies had no bias towards the political parties. The incident of Trump being visited by a fly agent was not entirely ignored, as CNN presented on it. It’s worth noting that CNN also presents other instances of fly scandals with several political figures. After much researching, finding these moments proved impossible, only further proving the fly agenda attempting to cover their trail.

So what is the goal of these pests? What are they possibly trying to accomplish with their attempted sabotage to both our political parties? Will anyone stand up to these pests? No one to this day has been able to answer that question, and we can only hope that the flies take their actions no further than embarrassing photo bombs and interruptions.

The Great Escape: Iguana vs. Snake

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So maybe you’ve heard of this show on BBC called Planet Earth II. The show is a nature documentary, and actually a sequel to Planet Earth. It’s most likely you heard about it due to the first episode airing, and the intense scene between a baby iguana and a hoard of snakes.

An interview with the show’s producer Elizabeth White reveals the filming was much more graphic than was revealed. To quote, “Some of it was quite horrific. Because actually the snakes are not pack hunting – for the snakes, it’s very much every snake for themselves. We did see snakes eating other snakes and all fighting. We were like nah, that can’t go in. It’s too horrific!” Nope, no thank you. Not about this snake eat snake world.

However what they did release of the scene has gone viral, as watching the struggle between lizard and snake is probably more relatable than we thought. How often do we feel as though we’re barely escaping the clutches of several snakes wrapping around us in a ball? Maybe it’s just me, but if you want to know what that looks like you should definitely check out the video:

8 Pest Control Headlines Even We Couldn’t Believe


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I would like to think that the zoo officials were sitting around a table during their morning meeting, brainstorming on their lion dilemma, when the janitor walks in. They then turn and look at him and say, “hey Carl, do you still have that dog?



After further research, because we didn’t believe it at first, this is in fact a REAL thing. The geckos were apparently part of a Russian experiment where they sent fruit flies, mushrooms, and geckos into space. What’s even better is that the Russian’s are continually losing control of this satellite. As a result, when they intermittently do receive a signal from the satellite, they’ve mostly seen geckos…having sex. One small step…?



Just what exactly happened at that McDonald’s? I just hope that it involved a kangaroo running around, socking people in the face while Chicken McNuggets and french fries rained from the skies.



Belligerent squirrel? Do those two words even go together? I hope that the film crew of Cops was there and showed up to a drunken squirrel, throwing beer bottles and yelling derogatory remarks. Meanwhile, this poor helpless man is wailing in the corner, crying, “he only gets like this when he drinks! Don’t arrest him!



Just a poor Florida man, fighting the good fight.



I feel like if this happens to you, you deserved it. Plain and simple. I also love the background photo of the assailant, simply because he looks like if there were a speech bubble coming out of his mouth it would be saying, “Come at me, bro.



What? Why? This headline sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, “A horse walks into a liquor store…”



Is this headline even real?! Do wallabies know geometry? Is there something they’re not telling us?! Where did they get access to drugs? SO MANY QUESTIONS!


Meeky Mouse: Friend or Foe?

Meeky Mouse

Thought pest control was just about insects?! Think again. The topic of pest control has now (somehow) filtered its way into the rap music genre.

For those of you who aren’t privy to the “rap game,” allow me to explain:

Two rappers, The Game and Meek Mill, have made headlines this week because of a beef (definition: to have a grudge or start one with another person. Example: the poetic 50 cent line: Beef you don’t want none, so don’t start none) that began after a dispute over involvement in a robbery.

Apparently, Meek Mill:

Meeky Mouse

alleged that fellow artist, The Game:

Not Meeky Mouse

was involved in some tomfoolery in a nightclub, that resulted in nearly $300,000 worth of jewelry to go missing.


Because, generally people don’t like being accused of involvement in criminal activity, the Game was peeved to say the least.  He then lashed out in the most scathing way a rapper can…he dropped a DISS TRACK. And I bet you can guess what it was called (okay, maybe you can’t, but act surprised either way)…

The title of the track is PEST CONTROL (see, it all came full circle). In the track, The Game paints Meek Mill as a rodent called (I literally can’t get over this) MEEKY MOUSE.

Reaction to Meeky Mouse

Now, I don’t know what is better, the fact that he named the character “Meeky Mouse” or reading numerous news outlets trying to find a PC way to convey the barbed lyrics of the song.

You can find the lyrics: here.

We would type some of them out, but quite honestly we don’t know what half of them mean.

Accompanying the song, The Game also dropped a music video portraying “Meeky Mouse” and what a visual treat it is. As if more shade could not be thrown at this point, the video opens following a pest control technician responding to a call about a rodent. When he enters the home, Meek Mill’s song can be heard in the background right before the technician smashes the rat (Meeky Mouse) with a baseball bat.

And we all looked a little something like this…

Reaction to Meeky Mouse

But you might be asking…now what?! Is there hope for Meek Mill?! Is his reputation forever unclean?! Only time will tell.

I’m sure we will all be on the edges of our seats, impatiently waiting Meek’s rebuttal. But until that highly anticipated day arrives…

M-E-E, see you real soon! K-Y, why? Because we like you…