Top 7 “Whose a Good Boy??”

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The internet has been taken by storm over a Reddit user’s post of a dog’s before and after pictures from being called a “Good Boy!’ The post inspired to create a user submission article that featured their own pet’s before and after photos from being called a good boy. There are currently 459 submissions, so you can check out the link to see them all for yourself; however, we’ve done a bunch of the work for you and picked these top “Whose a Good Boy” before and afters:

#7 Ollie “Not Really a Good Dog

by Melody Norman

Maybe it has something to do with the title submission Melody gave to Ollie, or maybe it’s when he stands upright onto his butt, but something about this reaction wouldn’t leave me to rest while going through the other 459 submissions. He’s so pleased, but also looks like a sweet doofus who has no idea he’s not really a good boy.

#6 “Good Dragon!

by Katie Castle

Were crickets involved? Probably, but I’m sure for many pet owners, the word treat was used to get that extra cute reaction. No fowl, no harm! Though I couldn’t even tell you if the side by side is the same reptile, it’s still such a cute lizard-about-to-eat-dinner smile.

#5 Titus

by Titus’ Mom

Clearly posted by a proud mother, this is easily the perfect transition into “Yes! I am a Good Boy!” Titus was featured in one other article on the main website, explaining that Titus is a victim of the well known crisis known as Resting B*tch Face.

#4 A Good GIRL

by Greta J.

I personally dislike snakes more than spiders, but the cute little “ooo” that can be seen in this snake’s after photo is just too good. It’s worth pointing out that Greta is the original author of the post, so there’s no telling if this was one of multiple “perfect” submissions, as she also posts several articles to the website regularly. All that said, it doesn’t matter, this good girl is still loved.

#3 A Good and Happy Boy

by Jeremy Groves

There are several people who don’t consider cats capable of happiness, so if you’re among them and have wondered what a happy cat looks like: here it is! Forward whiskers, closed/narrow eyes, ears perked upright, this is one happy cat. Top rated cats on the article itself were ones who seemed to react terribly to the news, or not at all. This guy couldn’t be left to unseen in the far back, and not get the recognition a sweetie like this deserves.

#2 Calypso, a Good Girl?

by Jordie Schmeiser

As compared to the prior cat, Calypso here just doesn’t really know what to respond with. Already preoccupied with nothing, the words of praise fell short on this one. Perhaps Calypso knows a truth that Jordie has yet to discover.

#1 Simona

by Camila Moraga

This delight! Such happiness! Simona IS a good girl! Thanks to Camila for capturing this sweetheart’s reaction. Although it’s entirely possible Simona is about to sneeze, this photo captures something completely adorable.

If you’re interested in seeing these photos enlarged, you can click on any of them to be directed to the original image. There were several candidates, and if you have some time to burn, going through the list is worthwhile.

Do you agree or disagree with this list? Comment with your thoughts on our list, or tell us from the original who would make your list instead!

Insects: Political Scandal

This has been a hard year for America, choosing to make itself great again or deciding if it was already great to begin with. Sparks have ignited and tensions have been on edge more than ever before. In these abnormally stressed times, we ask ourselves the basic questions: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Well you may not suspect it, but it seems that our government may have been tainted in ways no one could of foreseen until now. Ladies, gentlemen, viewers, I present to you my findings:



Above we see Barack Obama innocently delivering speeches when suddenly he befalls victim to these flies. There are other documented instances of bugs harassing our President, but none have stood out more than in the two images above. Perhaps this isn’t enough to convince you of the 3rd party influence of these flies, so I urge you to continue below.


Yes, even Hillary Clinton has been visited by these fly conspirators. This was perhaps the most recent instance in which all of America reacted to. Twitter, Facebook, and all social media accounts busted out in uproar over the incident of a fly landing on a Presidential candidates face. If you think it’s only coincidence, again, you only need to continue reading.


While he was a presidential candidate during the time of this photo, it’s clear that the flies had no bias towards the political parties. The incident of Trump being visited by a fly agent was not entirely ignored, as CNN presented on it. It’s worth noting that CNN also presents other instances of fly scandals with several political figures. After much researching, finding these moments proved impossible, only further proving the fly agenda attempting to cover their trail.

So what is the goal of these pests? What are they possibly trying to accomplish with their attempted sabotage to both our political parties? Will anyone stand up to these pests? No one to this day has been able to answer that question, and we can only hope that the flies take their actions no further than embarrassing photo bombs and interruptions.

It’s Been A Year Since #DeadRaccoonTO, But We Will Never Forget


This post is a tribute to Conrad, the brave and silent hero we all never knew that we needed.

If you don’t know, Conrad (as affectionately named by citizens of Toronto) was literally a dead raccoon, found on the downtown streets of Canada’s largest city, whose presence, in some weird and hilarious turn of events, began a social media firestorm.

This July marks the year anniversary of #DeadRaccoonTO and to honor Conrad, and keep his legacy alive, we’ll do a quick highlight of his rise to social media stardom.


A man named Jason tweets to Toronto Animal Control that there is a dead raccoon on the sidewalk and Animal Control responded, also via tweet (whoa, 21st century!):

“Thank you for letting us know. This was reported a short while ago and Animal Services has been notified.”


So, Conrad was resigned to lay there, man-bits exposed, until his imminent removal from the sidewalk until….


In a strange turn of events, someone left a note by the raccoon’s lifeless carcass:


It reads: “Rest dear Raccoon. Help is on the way from the city.”


Conrad’s body still lay strewn on the sidewalk and more condolences began to appear. Including a rose and sympathy card, with attached Sharpie for people to write messages.

Which, naturally, they did…


#DeadRaccoonTO Card

Some Time Later:

In the most bizarre and entertaining chapter of this narrative: SOMEONE PRINTED A REGAL PORTRAIT OF A RACCOON, FRAMED IT, AND PUT IT BESIDE CONRAD.


Be still my beating heart. This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Not only did this person see the raccoon, THEY TOOK THE TIME TO GO AND PRINT A PHOTO (assuming that they just didn’t have one on hand), AND FRAMED IT.

I mean, the citizens of Toronto are truly winning at everything.

Also, As all of this is occurring….:

As all of this is occurring, Conrad and the hashtag #DeadRaccoonTO are garnering a good amount of attention on social media.

The sender of the original tweet, Jason, had come back by and noticed that the raccoon had not been removed and sent an additional tweet:

“Toronto It’s now after 3 pm and I guess Animal Services hasn’t been by, because someone’s having some fun now”

This caught the attention of City Council Member, Norm Kelly, who tweeted:

“Please have staff pick up this raccoon at 819 Yonge St.”

And when Animal Control STILL hadn’t picked up the body, fired off this sassy tweet:

“Residents are being asked to keep their green bins open tonight in honour of #DeadRaccoonTO.”

The hashtag exploded with responses:

“I don’t really understand how the magic that is #DeadRaccoonTO is happening, but it is fantastic that our city can come together for this.”— @sachasayan

“sleep well my sweet prince, people loved you and remember you #deadraccoonto”-@heyhahn

“Someone has added a donation box beside the dead raccoon. #DeadRaccoonTO”— @KrisReports


AND FINALLY, after nearly fourteen hours of lying strewn on the sidewalk, Animal Control arrived to remove Conrad…

But not before everyone had a chance to say goodbye in a way befitting of the glue that pulled Toronto together…


A candlelight vigil.