10 Rock n’ Roll Songs That Are Totally Bugged Out!

If you’re like me, the only association that you ever made between insects and rock n’ roll were the roach motels that leather pant donning rockers frequented because they didn’t want to smash up their own VCR sets.

But did you know that there are literally hundreds of rock songs whose content and namesakes are inspired by insects? Yeah, neither did I.

For the sake of saving you from perusing the internet for hours in search of these speaker blowing ballads (because you’re TOTALLY interested and because I really have nothing better to do), I compiled a list of ten insect inspired songs by bands that have achieved moderate to “sign my boob!” success.

And they are…

1.AC/DC: Fly on the Wall

What is a list about rock n’ roll if you don’t mention AC/DC?! I hope you appreciate that incredibly realistic (ha!) fly cartoon buzzing around the screen as much as we did. (PS. Was the point of this video and the presence of camera trench-coat man totally lost on anyone else?)

2.Aerosmith: Joanie’s Butterfly

I’ll give you a second to wipe those tears from your eyes after you listen to such a moving (sure, that’s the appropriate adjective, right?) ballad. I’m sorry if you like this song. I’ll give Aerosmith credit where credit is due (that song from the movie Armageddon was the absolute anthem of prepubescent school dances), but this song kinda blows.

3.Alice Cooper: Earwigs to Eternity

Short, sweet, and with a lot of bizarre vocals: Alice Cooper’s choice to name this song “Earwigs to Eternity” makes just about as much sense as his sense of style.

4.Black Sabbath: Wasp

“Turns your body to a corpse. Turns your body to a corpse. Turns your body to a corpse.” Now, that is some freaking poetry. Thanks Black Sabbath for helping me finally find a background song for my nephew’s birthday slideshow.

5.Dave Matthews: Ants Marching

Okay, I know Dave Matthews isn’t really a “rock n’ roll” band but, after the grey cloud cast over the world by the last song, I thought everyone needed something a little more upbeat. I mean, a bunch of dudes gathering around to like, totally jam out is like, totally super sweet bro.

6.Jimi Hendrix: Hornets Nest

This song sounds like my emotions and subsequent flee/chase montage that ensues after encountering a hornets nest IRL.

7.Pearl Jam: Red Mosquito

I don’t like mosquitoes either, Pearl Jam, but maybe if you’d take that wad of cotton out of your mouth that you seem to be singing through, your point could be communicated a little more clearly.

8.Rolling Stones: Spider and the Fly

This song is about chasing tail. Plain and simple. Apparently Confucius wrote the songs Wikipedia page stating, “By the end of the song, one is left wondering which person is the spider and which is the fly.” Okay. The Stones have only ever preformed this song on tour twice, so that alone should tell you something…

9.Smashing Pumpkins: Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Be still my teenage angst beating heart. This song is by no means Beethoven’s 5th but, my moody, self-involved teenage self will always have a place for it in her ice-cold heart.

10.U2: The Fly

Welcome to the Bono show. Does U2 even have other members? I don’t know the guy, and I know he does a lot of charity work, but I just feel like he’s a guy who might refer to himself in the third person. No one wants to be that guy…

Thanks for reading, rocking, and reminiscing. We’ve already called the ambulance because we know your mind has just been blown. Until next time, stay crazy kids.