Coffee Grounds For Pest Control

Coffee grounds do more than your early morning beverage; they are one of the best homemade pest control. As a gardener, coffee grounds can help you in more ways than you can imagine; the use of coffee grounds outdoor for gardening, composting, and the all-time favorite, pest control make it a must-have in every home. You don’t have to worry about storing them for a very long time; coffee grounds do not go bad.

Coffee grounds for pest control
You don’t have to break a family tradition by not going for a summer picnic this year because of fear of bugs and mosquitoes. You can still enjoy your outdoor activities with your family, just set out bowls of coffee grounds to keep mosquitoes or other pests away. Besides, you can sprinkle coffee grounds around your favorite sitting areas to keep mosquitoes away, while you enjoy the fresh air with your loved ones.

Coffee grounds for trapping cockroaches
Tired of seeing cockroaches around the house? You can trap them with coffee grounds. Get a glass jar, pour some wet coffee grounds inside, set the jar at an angle, place paper towels around the jar to help bugs climb in. Once the bugs are inside, they can’t come out because it is made of glass.

Keep bugs away from your garden
If your garden attracts unwanted pests such as snails and slugs, you can sprinkle coffee grounds around the edges of the garden and on the soil to repel them. Spreading coffee grounds on the plot will also repel rabbits and cats from your land, as well as other bugs.

For flea repellent
Prevent fleas from feeding on your furry friend, by mixing coffee grounds with your dog shampoo; it will stop fleas from entering your home or your feasting on your dog.
Other uses of coffee grounds
Storing up coffee grounds may sound absurd at first; don’t worry, you will have a second thought when you realize the number of things you can do with coffee grounds
It reduces migraines

Coffee grounds prevent and curbs migraines- caffeine helps to reduce the swelling of blood vessels. No wonder people suffering from headaches are advised to drink coffee to stop the frequent occurrence of migraines, and it reduces the intensity.

It exfoliates the skin
Are you tired of using different kinds of creams to exfoliate your skin with no result? You can give coffee grounds a try. Mix coffee grounds with your preferred oil, rub gently on your face, avoid the eyes, and leave it longer than usual for an anti-inflammatory benefit.

For a shiny hair
Do you want a soft and silky hair? Brew up some coffee and leave it to cool; after washing your hair, rinse it with the brewed coffee for a soft and silky hair.

Fridge Deodorizer
Coffee grounds help to deodorize your fridge; remove old food from the refrigerator, and then put a bowl of coffee grounds inside. The smell of coffee grounds will neutralize any lingering odor in the fridge.

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