Japanese Scientists Prepare To Fight Future Cockroach Overlord

Well, maybe not exactly….

But it does seem that the scientists at one Japanese pest control company do have some extra time on their hands.

You see, they are preparing for the monster cockroaches of tomorrow. The kind of bugs that typically emerge from, “There’s been a terrible accident at the chemical plant,” scenarios in your favorite Sci-Fi movies.

Allow me to explain:

Earth Chemical, the Japanese pest control company responsible for a wide variety of in-home pest control creations, has actually created a model of their cockroach trap that is 925 times its original size.

Enter the cockroach trap “Gokiburi Hoy-Hoy:”

cockroach trap

This seemingly innocent, and disturbingly cheerful, cardboard box houses some of the most lethal adhesive on the market. It is designed to tempt cockroaches in, using alluring scents, and trap them in their very own “Hansel & Gretel”-esque prison.

The giant model, featured in a video below, was meant to show the effectiveness of the product by testing it not on insects, but three human volunteers including: a scientist, a sprinter, and a sumo wrestler. They measure each on their levels of skill, stamina, intelligence, power, and speed.

The Jouji Lab is a branch of Earth Chemical created to focus on projects deemed “sci-fi” in nature. They have created the following video in which they hilariously depict the first trial run of their creation:

After going through each candidate, not one makes it close to the other side of the board and the scientists deem the “Mission Complete.” While its modern day practical applications may be a little questionable, it’s safe to say that the product is undeniably effective. We can all rest easy tonight knowing that there are pest control companies out there doing their part to protect us from current and future pest invasions…

I mean…

cockroach trap


That’s gotta hurt.

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