Meeky Mouse: Friend or Foe?

Thought pest control was just about insects?! Think again. The topic of pest control has now (somehow) filtered its way into the rap music genre.

For those of you who aren’t privy to the “rap game,” allow me to explain:

Two rappers, The Game and Meek Mill, have made headlines this week because of a beef (definition: to have a grudge or start one with another person. Example: the poetic 50 cent line: Beef you don’t want none, so don’t start none) that began after a dispute over involvement in a robbery.

Apparently, Meek Mill:

Meeky Mouse

alleged that fellow artist, The Game:

Not Meeky Mouse

was involved in some tomfoolery in a nightclub, that resulted in nearly $300,000 worth of jewelry to go missing.


Because, generally people don’t like being accused of involvement in criminal activity, the Game was peeved to say the least.  He then lashed out in the most scathing way a rapper can…he dropped a DISS TRACK. And I bet you can guess what it was called (okay, maybe you can’t, but act surprised either way)…

The title of the track is PEST CONTROL (see, it all came full circle). In the track, The Game paints Meek Mill as a rodent called (I literally can’t get over this) MEEKY MOUSE.

Reaction to Meeky Mouse

Now, I don’t know what is better, the fact that he named the character “Meeky Mouse” or reading numerous news outlets trying to find a PC way to convey the barbed lyrics of the song.

You can find the lyrics: here.

We would type some of them out, but quite honestly we don’t know what half of them mean.

Accompanying the song, The Game also dropped a music video portraying “Meeky Mouse” and what a visual treat it is. As if more shade could not be thrown at this point, the video opens following a pest control technician responding to a call about a rodent. When he enters the home, Meek Mill’s song can be heard in the background right before the technician smashes the rat (Meeky Mouse) with a baseball bat.

And we all looked a little something like this…

Reaction to Meeky Mouse

But you might be asking…now what?! Is there hope for Meek Mill?! Is his reputation forever unclean?! Only time will tell.

I’m sure we will all be on the edges of our seats, impatiently waiting Meek’s rebuttal. But until that highly anticipated day arrives…

M-E-E, see you real soon! K-Y, why? Because we like you…


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