News Anchors Being Attacked By Bugs Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Week

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News Anchors. Most of the time they provide the mundane background noise to which you have your morning coffee or prepare your evening meal. Overly enthusiastic and packed full of terrible jokes, your local news program normally follows a strict script, down to the forced laughter and poorly timed puns, until….it doesn’t. One of the best qualities of the news is that, for our viewing pleasure: IT. IS. LIVE.

If you’re like me, getting most of my local and world news from the internet, you understand that (whether you admit it or not) a part of you watches live television news programs because you’re hoping that you’ll be lucky enough to bear witness to a mess up. Like a ballerina falling in front of a packed house, or the missed shot with seconds on the clock, we are hard wired to enjoy other people’s mild misfortune.

When news anchors start to stumble and fall, we are the spectators around the gladiator arena and we’re out for blood.

In the spirit of giving the people what they want, enjoy these:


  1. This poor girl can’t catch a break. I can’t tell if the locusts are confusing her hair with a nest or if we are actually witnessing one of the seven plagues.

2. Everyone likes to say that they would be brave in the face of adversity, until they aren’t. Not really sure how he’s ever going to face his club racquetball team after that shrill scream.

3. DISCLAIMER: Do not watch this at work, near an elderly person/children, in church, or pretty much anywhere that you don’t want to offend someone.

4. Laugh all you want, but this guy is literally all of us.

5. I actually found out that this is the SECOND time this poor woman has been assaulted by an insect on live TV and is now forced to drink DEET in her morning coffee. She has never been the same…


So, there you have it, your weekly indulgence of five people tripping on the sidewalk of life while we watch in silent amusement.

News Anchors


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