Try out these effective home remedies to have a rodent control

Mice are capable of creating menace for any individual. They mostly create issues by chewing down the items which might be present at your location. Even it will create issues of creating unhygienic conditions which can ultimately lead to the spread of numerous diseases. If there is some spread of disease by mice then one should take immediate steps to eradicate them.

There are a few of the ways available which one can use to actually have a control over the mice in their house. It can be either by using the poison or traps which are available in the market especially for the mice control. People might not like using these items in their house due to one or the other reason. In that case, one can try out a few of the available home remedies which will help you to have a control over the mice in their house.

Home Remedies to have a rodent control

It is the utmost priority to have a mice control when we are facing a number of issues due to them. If you are not comfortable in using the remedies which are available in the market then you can try out the home remedies for rodent control. These remedies are easier to do and also not harmful to you.

  1. Peppermint Oil: Mice doesn’t like the smell of the peppermint even though you might be a fan of the same. If you are willing to make mice run away then you can dip the cotton in peppermint oil and keep at different suspected locations of the entry of mice. Even you can try planting the mint at your place to keep mice away.
  2. Instant Potatoes: It is a kind of frugal way of controlling the mice at your place. One just needs to sprinkle few tablespoons of it over the locations where you are finding the mice. They will obviously eat the potatoes but it will get expanded in their stomach which will kill them before the food is even digested. But it is required that you keep this away from other pets which you are having.
  3. Proper Food Storage: Normally mice are coming for any of the food which is available at your location. If you are keeping all the food in airtight containers then they will not be able to find any of them, which will ultimately result in mice running away from your home. Even you should keep all the trash cans away from your location in order to maintain cleanliness. This will ultimately help you in making the mice stay away from your location without creating any kind of issues or menace at your place.


Thus, we can say that if you are not comfortable with the use of traps or poison then there are few of the simple home remedies which you can definitely try to get rid of the mice. One can do this so that they are free from the trouble of mice at their location and hence their stuff remains safe.

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