Mosquitoes are insect flies that suck on blood of men. These creatures have been around for millions of years already. I know, right? Talk about adaptability issues. Although what’s more alarming is how this span of time has allowed these insects to carry various types of diseases. Ever since, people in the world has been in the fight against mosquito brought sicknesses such as Malaria, Japanese Encephalitis, West Nile Virus, Filaria, chikungunya, Dengue and a lot more. Mosquitoes produce in great number for each time a female mosquito lays its eggs, and it doesn’t take long for their full life cycle to take place. They can also easily reproduce in any place where stagnant water is present. May it be in an artificially created setting or in a natural environment, these pests really don’t have much preference as to where they choose to reproduce. While it can be alarming how mosquitoes can’t be something to get rid off easily, there are still ways to eliminate them.   

Here we have listed the three best ways to get rid of mosquitoes.

Bug Sprays

You can use a lot of natural ingredients to create an anti-bug spray. All you have to do is chop one small onion and use one garlic clove. Combine it together with four cups of water, one tablespoon of a liquid dish washing soap and four teaspoons of cayenne pepper. Mix and then spray around places where people would usually reside in your houses. All you need to do is have this mixture stored in a container with a tight lid and then keep it in a cool place. In some instances you can also use apple cider vinegar, witch hazel and drops of any essential oil combinations. Measurements should be a cup of apple cider vinegar, a quarter cup of witch hazel and 20 drops of any essential oils you may choose to use such as; rosemary, tea tree, eucalyptus, citronella or lemon grass. This works better if you shake the spray bottle once in a while as you use the spray.

Egg Cartons

Yes, you heard that right. If your mosquito problem tends to get more extreme in the night, then this might just be the best solution you  can do to get rid of mosquitoes near you. For this, you only need egg cartons or coffee trays (usually the ones you get when you buy more several coffees from shops). All you need to do is light these on fire and let the fire grow bigger and then dispose of it in a fire safe location; soil would do. Then after, you just have to let the burning smell of these cardboard keep the mosquitoes away.

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Tips and Treatments for Flies











Let’s begin by saying what we’re all probably thinking. Flies…are disgusting, repulsive, and just plain yuck. We don’t want them in our homes or near our food for good reason. While flies have an only liquid diet, it doesn’t stop them from feeding on the solid food that us humans eat. Flies use a substance that they produce and then spit on the solid food they want to eat in order to liquify it – ew?! Once the food has been made liquid, that’s when they consume it. Pretty disgusting, right? These species will eat almost anything, from feces to that delicious chicken made for dinner. This is one of the reasons why they are known to be disease carriers of different harmful germs and bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella. Not only can they land on feces and proceed to feed on your food, but they are also known to defecate frequently. It is because of their liquid diet that they do defecate every time that they land on something, whether it be to eat or to lay eggs. Though a lifespan of a house fly is only around 30 days, it still doesn’t mean that they should be taken lightly, and you’re probably thinking the same after reading this. In fact, if you are still reading this…hang tight! We have some solutions for the flies in your presence.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean

In order to keep the flies out, you have to keep your home and your kitchen as clean as much as possible. You should throw out food right away if you’re finished with it and make sure that you clean up all liquid spills and food crumbs every time you are done eating. If you have time, it would better if to sweep and mop your floors at least every 2 days, in order to avoid leaving any sticky substances, smells, or residues. If you have food in your house that rots quickly (such as fruits and vegetables), you might want to keep them off of your kitchen counters and in your fridge instead. As soon as you see the start of spoilage, you should throw the food out immediately.  

Have Covered Trash Bins

Since spoiled food is what seems to attract flies more than anything, trash bins and bags strike as even more welcoming for them. You should see to it that every trash bin in your house has a secure lid, in order to stop the smell of the trash from seeping out. You probably want to take this precaution anyway, because no one wants their house to stink. You should especially concentrate on doing this for areas in which you see that food is regularly disposed. Disinfecting trash bins regularly will also work in order to keep the flies away.

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While there’s only so much you can do as far as home preventive measures go to keep flies away, Go-Forth Pest Control provides you the professional help that you need to never have to encounter another fly in your home again. Since 1959, our company has been handling different types of infestations, and we can assure you that we will provide you the best pest control solutions with the variety of services we offer for pest elimination. Call or click today for your free quote!

Try out these effective home remedies to have a rodent control

Mice are capable of creating menace for any individual. They mostly create issues by chewing down the items which might be present at your location. Even it will create issues of creating unhygienic conditions which can ultimately lead to the spread of numerous diseases. If there is some spread of disease by mice then one should take immediate steps to eradicate them.

There are a few of the ways available which one can use to actually have a control over the mice in their house. It can be either by using the poison or traps which are available in the market especially for the mice control. People might not like using these items in their house due to one or the other reason. In that case, one can try out a few of the available home remedies which will help you to have a control over the mice in their house.

Home Remedies to have a rodent control

It is the utmost priority to have a mice control when we are facing a number of issues due to them. If you are not comfortable in using the remedies which are available in the market then you can try out the home remedies for rodent control. These remedies are easier to do and also not harmful to you.

  1. Peppermint Oil: Mice doesn’t like the smell of the peppermint even though you might be a fan of the same. If you are willing to make mice run away then you can dip the cotton in peppermint oil and keep at different suspected locations of the entry of mice. Even you can try planting the mint at your place to keep mice away.
  2. Instant Potatoes: It is a kind of frugal way of controlling the mice at your place. One just needs to sprinkle few tablespoons of it over the locations where you are finding the mice. They will obviously eat the potatoes but it will get expanded in their stomach which will kill them before the food is even digested. But it is required that you keep this away from other pets which you are having.
  3. Proper Food Storage: Normally mice are coming for any of the food which is available at your location. If you are keeping all the food in airtight containers then they will not be able to find any of them, which will ultimately result in mice running away from your home. Even you should keep all the trash cans away from your location in order to maintain cleanliness. This will ultimately help you in making the mice stay away from your location without creating any kind of issues or menace at your place.


Thus, we can say that if you are not comfortable with the use of traps or poison then there are few of the simple home remedies which you can definitely try to get rid of the mice. One can do this so that they are free from the trouble of mice at their location and hence their stuff remains safe.

Home Remedies which you can do for keeping Roaches away

Roaches are the most common insect which is found in almost every household. The prime reason for the growth of the roaches is the dirty environment of unhygienic conditions which are existing at the location where you are living. These conditions are ultimately bringing you a number of diseases with these kinds of insects which will ultimately be affecting your health.

In order to have a safe condition at the home, it is required to take corresponding steps which can keep your home safe from any kind of infection which are caused by these kinds of insects. Few methods exist which can perform your job but some people prefer to adopt simpler home remedies than using the chemicals as they might even be bad for the human health.

Various home remedies which you can adopt for keeping the roaches away

We have discussed here few of the ways which one can adopt for keeping the roaches away. These methods are designed keeping in mind the common things which are available in every home and the method used is not harming the human body in any manner. Each of the method discussed is carrying its own unique importance and hence should be selected after going through their own unique advantages.

  1. Baking Soda and Sugar: When thoroughly mixed it will help in killing the roaches efficiently. As soon as you start using this mixture at the locations where you are finding roaches, soon you will start seeing a decline in the population of the roaches. There is a specific procedure for mixing these ingredients which should be followed to get the desired mixture which is capable of fighting against the roaches.
  2. Boric Acid: This acid has proved itself as being one of the best remedies when you are willing to get rid of the insects at your location. One can purchase this from any of the stores which are available either online or offline. Even you will find this remedy to be the widely spread one as quite a large number of people from all over the world is using it against the insects. If you use too much of this acid at a particular location, it will turn out to be ineffective. So one should only apply a light dusting. Even it will turn out to be ineffective when it is wet.
  3. Fabric Softener Spray: This spray is effective in killing the roaches and making our home free from their effects. Though it might not turn out to be fully effective if you just spray it once and hope that it will do its job. One needs to constantly work by spraying it over the roaches which they find in daily lives. Then only it can do its work of making you rid from the roaches in your house.


Thus, we can say that there are few of the effective home remedies for roach control available which one can use to get rid of the roaches which are found in your house. It is required that these methods are applied in a proper manner to get the maximum output from these methods based on the specified processes.

Coffee Grounds For Pest Control

Coffee grounds do more than your early morning beverage; they are one of the best homemade pest control. As a gardener, coffee grounds can help you in more ways than you can imagine; the use of coffee grounds outdoor for gardening, composting, and the all-time favorite, pest control make it a must-have in every home. You don’t have to worry about storing them for a very long time; coffee grounds do not go bad.

Coffee grounds for pest control
You don’t have to break a family tradition by not going for a summer picnic this year because of fear of bugs and mosquitoes. You can still enjoy your outdoor activities with your family, just set out bowls of coffee grounds to keep mosquitoes or other pests away. Besides, you can sprinkle coffee grounds around your favorite sitting areas to keep mosquitoes away, while you enjoy the fresh air with your loved ones.

Coffee grounds for trapping cockroaches
Tired of seeing cockroaches around the house? You can trap them with coffee grounds. Get a glass jar, pour some wet coffee grounds inside, set the jar at an angle, place paper towels around the jar to help bugs climb in. Once the bugs are inside, they can’t come out because it is made of glass.

Keep bugs away from your garden
If your garden attracts unwanted pests such as snails and slugs, you can sprinkle coffee grounds around the edges of the garden and on the soil to repel them. Spreading coffee grounds on the plot will also repel rabbits and cats from your land, as well as other bugs.

For flea repellent
Prevent fleas from feeding on your furry friend, by mixing coffee grounds with your dog shampoo; it will stop fleas from entering your home or your feasting on your dog.
Other uses of coffee grounds
Storing up coffee grounds may sound absurd at first; don’t worry, you will have a second thought when you realize the number of things you can do with coffee grounds
It reduces migraines

Coffee grounds prevent and curbs migraines- caffeine helps to reduce the swelling of blood vessels. No wonder people suffering from headaches are advised to drink coffee to stop the frequent occurrence of migraines, and it reduces the intensity.

It exfoliates the skin
Are you tired of using different kinds of creams to exfoliate your skin with no result? You can give coffee grounds a try. Mix coffee grounds with your preferred oil, rub gently on your face, avoid the eyes, and leave it longer than usual for an anti-inflammatory benefit.

For a shiny hair
Do you want a soft and silky hair? Brew up some coffee and leave it to cool; after washing your hair, rinse it with the brewed coffee for a soft and silky hair.

Fridge Deodorizer
Coffee grounds help to deodorize your fridge; remove old food from the refrigerator, and then put a bowl of coffee grounds inside. The smell of coffee grounds will neutralize any lingering odor in the fridge.

Pest Control – Calling An Expert Exterminator – Charlotte

Do you need pest control in Charlotte NC? Go-Forth Pest Control of Charlotte can help you exterminate pests like Roaches, Termites, Rodents, Ants, Mosquitoes, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Etc.

Do not mess with pests; they know places to hide in your place better than you do. The pests you fail to call the exterminator for today, could ramp up the severity of the damage tomorrow.
Previous survey show that majority of first time property owners have concerns over finding insects and pests lurking in their homes, farms, gardens and surroundings. Pests varying from stinging insects to mosquitoes, bed bugs rodents, spiders, roaches, termites, and ants in general either carry disease causing-micro organisms harmful to humans and animals, or attack foods, vegetables, or destroy properties – clothing, buildings, farms, livestock and crops. Surprising statistics about pest infestation show that:

  • Bed bugs make up for 95% of apartment and condominium treating by pest professionals.
  • The amount of food destroyed by rodents annually is enough to feed 200 million people.
  • Property damages by termites worth billions of dollars are recorded annually.
  • Rodents harbor and spread hundreds of human pathogens.

Pest Control and extermination ensures that the amount of destruction and irritation is reduced to a level where the hazard to individuals, properties and crops is limited. For farms and gardens, the use of chemicals in the control of pests should only be when there are no alternatives. These chemicals often work well but since they are designed to exterminate living things, they could cause serious health problems to humans and pets by contaminating the crops and plants to be ingested. Biological methods on the other hand farms and gardens involve the use of other living organisms to exterminate pests. There is no environmental contamination neither do the pests become resistant to the control methods.
For homes, the pest control methods to be used depend on the pests wrecking havoc. To get rid of ants, the best defense line is to remove crumbs, attractants and sticky spots. Roaches are exterminated by leaving use of Boric Acids (which should be kept away from children and pets), ensuring all the rooms are clean, getting rid of garbage and airing the cabinets regularly. Mosquitoes as well are primarily taken care of by sealing off entry points and use of mosquito repellents. Traps and poisons could be placed at cervices and dark areas for rodents.
Depending on the severity of the pest infestation, an exterminator is always the last resort called in to get rid of these unwanted guests in the home, farms and gardens. However, the exterminator will make every effort to successfully get rid of the pest problem, but if not done properly, the pests will return.

Do you love Ice Cream more than this Squirrel?

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This cutie is named Putter, and she loves ice cream!

One day they saw Putter for the first time, and watched in amazement as she took to a customer’s ice cream cone! When the owners watched this, they decided to invest in their own ice cream cones to serve squirrel-sized ice cream to Putter.

About twice a day the couple only has to call Putter’s name, and she will come running down for her cone. Ensuring they don’t overload Putter, they give her sugar-free or vanilla ice cream.

Check out the scene yourself with this video:

Do you know any animals with a peculiar sweet tooth? Leave a comment below with your stories!

Papa Roach EATS a Roach!

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You’re probably reading the title like

But eating bugs is looking like a new trend that will become a major source of protein as populations increase in the next 20 to 50 years. It turns out bugs are really good for you!

Papa Roach took on a challenge to try bugs raw, and to try them in dishes. They were given two dishes where one had bugs while the other did not, and asked to guess which one did have the bugs. Check it out!

Bugs already make for major food sources in several eastern countries, and with time it’s very likely we will see them here in the United States. In certain places we have, like this ice cream truck with bugs for ice cream toppings, or using cricket flour for baking!

If you’re still not into it, just think back to when you watched Lion King and how delicious the grubs looked (seriously, how did Timon and Pumbaa make eating bugs look so tasty??)


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YES BEES! Scientists recently conducted a study on bee’s “cognitive flexibility” and “observed complex behavior”. Basically they wanted to see how well they could critically think and understand, as well as observe how they behaved in response. So they came up with a soccer experiment!

Here you can see exactly how they do this with a basic reward system. This type of experiment has been performed among several mammals to evaluate the same things: critical thinking and behavior. In this case they provide a pseudo bee to show other bees how to obtain the reward. You can see that the bees watch, experience, and learn from that bee and are capable of figuring out the reward system.

On top of this, they are able to teach other bees what they learn! This isn’t too surprising if you consider their waggle dance, a form of communication honey bees have to tell them where a new source of food is in relation to the sun. The excitement over this is really about being able to teach an unknown method to a bee, and watching those bees teach it to other bees, AND THEN seeing bees innovate better ways to obtain the reward.

Bees have been facing a rough time for a while now, so every bit of good news is exciting for these guys. If you’re interested in helping bees, the EPA has plenty of information on how the public can help. Check it out and help a bee today!

The Inauguration of Donaldtrumpi

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No, the title isn’t misspelled. There was a recent discovery of a moth which has been named the Neopalpa donaldtrumpi. Vazrick Nazari, a biologist and researcher from Ottawa, Canada, is the one who discovered this moth which seems to share Donald Trump’s signature hairstyle. The real reason why he named the moth after Donald Trump can be read from the article he wrote:

The new species is named in honor of Donald J. Trump, to be installed as the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2017. The reason for this choice of name is to bring wider public attention to the need to continue protecting fragile habitats in the US that still contain many undescribed species. The specific epithet is selected because of the resemblance of the scales on the frons (head) of the moth to Mr. Trump’s hairstyle.

 Wall Street Journal compiled this about the moth:

This isn’t the first time Donald Trump has honored a new species with his name. Not too long ago a species of caterpillar was discovered, and can be observed as Donald’s hair in motion:

There is now a bug that wears the same hair as Donald Trump, and a bug that simply is Donald Trump’s hair. Though Trump isn’t the first president to honor a newly discovered species. Barack Obama was the inspiration for a lichen fungus discovered in 2007. The fungus was officially published and named in 2009 as Caloplaca obamae, due to Obama’s “…support of science and scientific education.” Before that, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld were also honored with the discovery of several different Agathidium beetles. The names of those beetles are A. bushi, A. cheneyi and A. rumsfeldi. This type of beetle is known for it’s mold-diet, but was strictly named after these politicians as homage.

Know of any other bugs or species named in honor of presidents and famous people? Leave a comment about what you think!